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Private equity firms around the world buy businesses like yours.  Then they deploy some simple but powerful Hidden Profit Secrets to unlock the 'hidden' financial performance inside the companies they buy.

Now you can learn these secrets and how to use them in your small business - from a data expert who has actually worked on these projects inside the secretive private equity world.
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Improve Cash Flow
There are only 4 places cash can be tied up in any business - know them and you can fix almost any cash flow problem.
Improve Customer Value
Diving into the 'inner workings' of your customer base let's you predict, control  and grow future revenue 
Improve Product Mix
Product mix is one of the key drivers of customer profitability - and looking at 4 things tells you all you need to know
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The concepts in this book have been used by thousands of small business owners to deliver better financial performance.  And it's principles can even be found being put to use in some of the best private equity-backed companies in the world.
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