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From Crushed Accountant - to Private Equity Consultant
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Written on July 17th, 2018
Hidden Profit Secrets Started When I Was a Crushed Accountant
I was the owner of an accounting firm trying to teach small business owners how to really understand their financial statements and information. I wanted to help them make more money in their business so they could live better lives, have less financial pressure, and be confident in their financial future as a business owner.

I Wanted to Help Them Make More Money in Their Business...
The thing is I was struggling to find a way to find a way to show them what I knew in a way that actually resulted in them making more money. That meant all the clients I was working with were appreciative of what I taught them but they weren't really seeing improved financial results.
But I Was Struggling...
To make things worse, I hated doing the 'regular accounting' part of my career. I felt that I had chosen the wrong career and was struggling to picture myself doing it for the next 30–40 years. But I was trapped. I was married and already had 2 children (ultimately we had 4 kids) and couldn't afford to quit my career and start over.

The unhappiness came to a head one day when a client looked at me and said "Steve, that's interesting. But nothing you've just told me relates to anything I'm going to be doing when I go back to my office this afternoon." I was DEVASTATED!
Then Something Amazing Happened...
It was suddenly crystal clear to me how to help business owners create better financial results. I needed to show them the direct bridge between the 'in-the-trenches' place they live, and the financial results their daily actions create.

My Plan...
...was to seek out marketing experts, sales masters, psychology gurus and other experts who I could learn from and then put my unique knowledge as an accountant on top of that. I spent over 18 months and over $100,000 taking certification courses, attending conferences around North America and talking with experts, researching their teachings and buying their stuff.
But there was still a problem… 
Each new method or technique, and each expert or guru was able to talk about their specific approach or system. But none of they know tied directly back to the ultimate goal of creating the financial results small business owners really wanted.

· The marketing experts knew how to get new customers. But they didn't know which customers to attract to drive the best financial results for the small business owner.  

· The sales experts knew how to close deals and guide customers to saying 'yes'. But they didn't know how to set prices or identify the products that would be the best to sell.

· The software vendors had tools to help the small business owner succeed. But all they actually did was automate and visualize inefficient processes that were doomed to produce sub-par financial results.

Everywhere I turned, each expert seemed to always want to tell the business owner what they SHOULD do. They couldn't, or wouldn't, tell the business owner what they NEEDED to do. It was missing every time.
I Didn't Have Any Other Choice...
I ended up getting so frustrated that I decided to create my own system to take the best from what I had learned and make it really easy for small business owners to make more money and cash flow.  

I knew that if I could create a simple and direct system to show any small business owner where they were overlooking hidden profit in their business I'd be able to help any business owner start creating financial results they could be proud of in a matter of days and weeks - instead of grinding it out for months and years.

My system ended up gaining the attention of Michael E. Gerber (yep - the guy who wrote, created, and built what we all know as The E-Myth). Michael was so impressed by the system I had created that he offered to write the foreword for the book I was writing and introduce me to the world's largest publisher.
Now I Get To Help Small Business Owners Everywhere...
IAs a result, I have been able to help small business owners around the world make more money and create financial results they can be proud of. 

In many cases, they have been able to start creating better financial results within days of learning the concepts in the Hidden Profit Secrets System.
Steve Wilkinghoff
Author of "Found Money - Simple Strategies to Uncover the Hidden Profit and Cash Flow in Your Business
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